What is RubikStats?

RubikStats is the best online tool for speedsolvers. It is more than just a timer!

Don’t waste your solves! Import them from CSTIMER with 1 Click and get your statistics and charts INSTANTLY

With RubikStats you can:

Register your times, on desktop and mobile devices

Use hardware, like StackMat timers!

Create unlimited category to manage groups of solves (example ‘3×3’, ‘3x3OH’, ‘warmup’, ‘training’, etc…) You choose the name!

Compare your category with a friend’s category on the same chart!

Challenge a friend

Challenge the PC with 3 different difficulty levels for a selected category (PC time are based on YOUR last 500 solves)

Create awesome charts, like ao5, aoX, ao100, time+ao5, records Chart, total-Day Chart, TOP3avg per day, delta, etc…

Set custom chart thresholds and horizontal Lines!

Our Statistics Pack includes

Daily solves Groups, Total solves per day, Best daily a05, Avg delta between solves

Total daily aoX, Top3 per day with avg

WARMUP Calculator (Number of solves before your best ao5)!!!

Solves composition per day with up to 0.5 sensibility and days comparison

Print your best solves and ao5 on beautiful certificates

IMPORT your solves from CStimer in 1 click!!!